Our commitment to the environment is integral to our business. The Sands ECO360 global sustainability program guides responsible development and management of our resorts through sustainable operations, conservation practices and eco-friendly initiatives that minimize our environmental impact.

Low-Carbon Transition

Advance energy efficiency and renewable solutions to address climate change

Energy Efficiency

Design buildings that conserve electricity and deploy new technologies to reduce energy consumption during ongoing operations

Renewable Energy

Seek out renewable energy solutions, including on-site solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems and renewable energy credits


Transition guest shuttle buses to electric and clean-fuel sources and leverage carbon offsets for hard-to-decarbonize air and ferry travel

We are focused on reducing our climate impact in line with the United Nations Paris Agreement. Guided by our science-based emissions target, we are methodically lowering our carbon output through initiatives in energy efficiency, renewable energy and conversion to low-emission vehicles.

In 2023, our Cotai Water Jet launched a new initiative that enables passengers to offset their carbon footprint while using our Cotai Water Jet ferries. The offsets support sustainable management of the Guoluo grassland in China, which aims to restore degraded grassland ecosystems, increase grassland coverage, and improve the local biodiversity of the Three River Source Region in mainland China. The offsets also support a wind farm in Thailand generating clean electricity that displaces energy sourced from fossil fuels. Our Sands ECO360 Carbon Neutral Program is not-for-profit: all payments received are used to purchase carbon offset credits from a verified carbon offsets projects’ portfolio, effectively neutralizing the carbon emitted on the ferry journey.


Promote reduction, reuse and recycling of products and materials

Food Waste

Tackle one of our largest waste streams through prevention, donation and diversion

Construction Waste

Responsibly handle construction waste from new developments, remodels and renovations

Operational Waste

Recycle whenever possible and find opportunities to reduce waste generation

We prioritize reducing our largest waste streams through prevention, process management and ongoing education. With a focus on food, operational and construction waste, these efforts are critical components of our overall resource conservation strategy.

In 2023, we have focused on exploring circular solutions to responsibly manage waste. In exploring solutions, we conducted trials to repurpose the coconut shells as mulch for landscaping. We worked with local vendors who provided various shredding mechanisms to process shells into mulch. In addition, our F&B team worked with our Procurement and Supply Chain team to replace existing green coconut with alternative coconut without husk, helping reduce 80% weight of coconut shells.

In September 2023, Sands China launched its Retailer Sustainability Training Program. This program aims at introducing our Sands ECO360 Global Sustainability Strategy, as well as how retail shops could cooperate with our sustainability initiatives, apply waste recycling guidelines, benefiting from resource recycling. Retailer participants that attended our sessions had the opportunity to learn and support Sands China’s recommendations on waste management. Among them the below stores/brands:


Increase purchasing of sustainable products and services

Plastic and Packaging

Replace single-use products and packaging with sustainable alternatives and transition to reuse models where possible

Responsible Sourcing

Integrate sustainability into our properties’ total life cycles by utilizing environmentally preferred materials, technologies, products an services

In striving for sustainability, we take a responsible approach to the products and services we use in our business by aiming to replace harmful materials with renewable and sustainable alternatives and ensuring we procure environmentally responsible goods and services.

To celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th, the Parisian Macao’s authentic French bistro Brasserie launched a thoughtfully curated dinner menu featuring sustainable and responsibly sourced seafood. The four-course dinner menu created an authentic and sustainable sea-to-table dining experience for guests.

In July 2023, we commenced the transition to cage-free eggs in our hotels and restaurants in line with our target of being 100% cage-free by 2028.


Protect, conserve and reuse water resources

water efficiency

Upgrade fixtures and systems, enact water-conservation policies and encourage sensible water usage

water reuser

Increase use of non-potable water for landscaping, restorooms, cooling towers and other users


Partner with regional water champions to reinvigorate biodiverse ecosystems, increase resiliency, engage communities and leverage water technologies

Water is one of the planet’s most precious natural resources, and we are dedicated to using it wisely. From protecting our region’s waterways to using water efficiently in our operations, our conservation initiatives are a top sustainability priority.

We sponsored University of Saint Joseph’s Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition, which harnessed the power of creativity to tell stories about the impact of plastics on the environment, wildlife and human lives. The exhibition featured 3D displays created by students and local artists who built their art pieces from recycled plastics and materials collected at beach cleanups and other sources of recycled materials.


Reduce deforestation, protect marine environments and preserve natural ecology

To advance our biodiversity strategy, we have been working to understand the impact we make on oceans, fresh water and land and act according to a defined hierarchy of mitigation actions.

We sponsored the Manna for People Association’s “Therapeutic Garden”, a first-of-its-kind farming project in Macao that aims to promote sustainability and provide a healing experience for members of the Association for Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers of Macau (ARTM).



The Sands ECO360 global sustainability program guides our efforts to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.


Our internal project management tool tracks the progress of efficiency and optimization projects against our Sands ECO360 goals.


This initiative provides investments to advance water stewardship and conservation programs in our local community.