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Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Sands Gallery Now Open

Features over 90 artworks by six contemporary Japanese artists

(Macao, Feb 22, 2024) – Macao's first Japanese art extravaganza in 2024 – Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition – is on display at Sands Gallery until March 30, featuring over 90 artworks by six contemporary Japanese artists.

The multi-dimensional exhibition is being presented as part of the 2024 Macau Japan Spring Festival and supported by the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan, the City Government of Kyoto, the Macao Government Tourism Office, and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM). As Sands China is one of the co-organisers, Macau Japan Spring Festival is featuring a two-month-long multi-event festival highlighted by popular idol performances, culinary experiences, and art immersions at Sands China's properties for tourists and residents of Macao until March 30.

Open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, it is Sands Gallery's first time to feature Japanese artists, and showcases the essence of contemporary Japanese art and culture with some cutting-edge artwork on diverse media, offering an enriching and rewarding art experience.

The Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition features six of gallery UG's exclusive artists, who are some of the finest in Japanese contemporary art: Kunihiko Nohara, Takaoki Tajima, Hiroya Yoshikawa, Nami Okada, Keitoku Toizumi and Ryosuke Kawahira.

Japan's gallery UG is one of the country's largest contemporary art galleries with over 25 years of history, built upon a philosophy of discovering and nurturing young artists. Currently, it has showrooms in New York and Osaka, and two galleries in Tokyo.

"This new exhibition is part of Sands China's ongoing commitment to the diversification of art and culture in Macao, and provides a platform for promoting extensive exchange and cooperation among local and international art talent as we help strengthen Macao's international image of multiculturism and inclusiveness," said Dr. Wilfred Wong, executive vice chairman of Sands China Ltd. "Sands Gallery is proud to host this exhibition in support of 'tourism + art' in Macao, helping attract international tourists and residents with our expansive non-gaming portfolio."

Eiichiro Sasaki, owner of gallery UG, stated: "Sands Gallery gives me a museum-like feeling. Therefore, being able to allocate these spaces appropriately into different booths, allowing artists with different characteristics to have independent exhibition areas and display their works clearly, has become our curatorial mission this time. Macao left me with the impression of a 'playground for adults' in the past, and this exhibition is also themed around 'Happy Aura, Happy Taste,' carefully selecting six artists whose works can bring a sense of happiness to everyone."

Sands Gallery launched in 2022, and has since been dedicated to introducing a greater diversity of art exhibitions to Macao and promoting the sustainable development of the local art and cultural industry. This permanent art space was born out of Sands China's increased investment in art and cultural development and its commitment to support the SAR government's strategy for non-gaming development. Sands Gallery regularly invites internationally renowned artists to host a variety of types of art exhibitions in Macao to enrich the art experiences of local residents and tourists. To date, the gallery has already hosted 9 art exhibitions that feature Chinese and international artists.

About the Artists and Their Works
Kunihiko Nohara, a Hokkaido-born and raised artist and sculptor, unveils mesmerising wooden sculptures that transcend convention. His unique motifs blend abstract imagery with vibrant colours, infusing an avant-garde essence into his creations. Each sculpture is a world of its own, with signature characters wearing underwater goggles symbolizing the enigmatic faces and images of individuals in our modern information society.

Takaoki Tajima's artistic prowess shines through his exceptional skill in exploring the intricate relationship between colours. With simple yet bold compositions, he mesmerises viewers, inviting them to delve into the mysterious expressions and movements of his characters.

Hiroya Yoshikawa, the fourth-generation owner and craftsman of Yoshikawa Sensyo, presents his remarkable technique that seamlessly merges traditional Kyo Yuzen dyeing with contemporary aesthetics. His exquisite kimonos and artworks transform dye meticulously applied within the silk into living art.

Nami Okada, a trailblazing contemporary artist from Gunma prefecture, takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through captivating landscape paintings. Inspired by her personal experiences, memories, and recollections, Okada beautifully captures real places, exploring the theme of nostalgia with enchanting allure.

Discover the surrealistic wonders of Keitoku Toizumi, renowned for his technical precision. His meticulously crafted scenes, often featuring toys, transport viewers to a world where reality and fiction intertwine. The acclaimed Pink Army series represents the intriguing gap between the real and the imagined.

Ryosuke Kawahira fearlessly channels childhood experiences into a unique form of creative expression. Through vibrant canvas works, he transforms memories, including childhood incidents like bed-wetting, into captivating art. Highly regarded for his distinctive and colourful portrayal of underpants, Kawahira's artistic mastery shines through.

Photo caption: Sands Gallery's latest exhibition, the Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition, is available for public viewing until March 30, featuring over 90 artworks by six contemporary Japanese artists. Open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, it is Sands Gallery's first time to feature Japanese artists, and showcases the essence of contemporary Japanese art and culture with diverse artworks, offering an enriching and extraordinary art experience, as part of 2024 Macau Japan Spring Festival.