To us, Macao is more than just the location of our business and properties, it is our home and the home of our team members. Sands China is committed to making Macao a better place to live.

Hardship relief

Invest in solutions to create resiliency for people in need

In 2022, Sands China joined forces for the first annual Sands Cares Global Food Kit Build. More than 280 team member volunteers gathered at The Venetian Macao’s Cotai Expo to assemble 2,600 food kits for nongovernmental organization and long-term partner, Caritas Macau, to aid people and families facing financial difficulty.

Local Business and partner development

Support the success of SMEs, nonprofits and diverse organizations

In 2022 our flagship global Sands Cares Accelerator program was launched in Macao, welcoming Green Future to the program.
Green Future is working to create a first-of-its-kind environmental social enterprise that provides training, sorting services and logistics to improve recycling in Macao, while bringing new jobs that include opportunities for disabled residents.

Cultural and natural heritage

Preserve regional assets and ecology to promote sustainable tourism

In 2022, Sands China opened the Sands Gallery at The Grand Suites at Four Seasons to host leading art exhibitions. Renowned local and international artists, who work in a variety of art forms, are invited to stage gallery exhibitions that deliver enriching cultural experiences for Macao residents and resort visitors.

Disaster response and preparedness

Provide aid and assist in community crisis planning

In line with the Macao government’s aim to boost its overall vaccination rate and achieve herd immunity in the local community, Sands China offered Family Vaccine Leave for its team members. We encouraged vaccination for both young and elderly family members, and supported our team members who wished to accompany their children or parents to receive their vaccines.


Advance learning and mentorship opportunities to remove barriers and build the workforce of the future

The Art Talent Development Showcase, provides real-world opportunities for aspiring creative professionals to apply classroom learning to Sands China projects in the areas of video production, graphic design and visual development. Participants worked on assignments such as video and promotional material design for internal Company programs and development of wall art and room staging for team member spaces.


Our community engagement program guides our efforts to help solve pressing issues, create resiliency and maximize the inherent strengths of our region.

The Sands Cares Ambassador program

The Sands Cares Ambassador program is the annual spring cleaning for live-alone elderly to celebrate Lunar New Year. This year 150 Sands China team members visited the homes of nearly 130 elderly residents at Seac Pai Van public housing in Coloane to share festive wishes and to provide household support. During the visit, our Sands Cares Ambassadors also helped change defective light bulbs, replacing them with energy-efficient LED bulbs.