Drop by Drop – Nature based solutions for Macao

In 2021, Drop by Drop grants from Sands China supported impactful community water projects in the areas of ecosystem reinvigoration, physical climate risk adaptation and community engagement. In Macao, the Institute of Science and Environment at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), a second-year project grantee, continued to study mangroves, one of the world’s most valuable ecosystems. The project team’s new emphasis was on the ability of mangroves to act as nature-based shelter for nearby populated areas by preventing erosion and absorbing storm surge impact during extreme weather events.

For more information on The Drop by Drop Project, please visit: http://cleantheworldfoundation.org/dropbydrop

Supporting local SMEs

Our commitment to advancing local businesses and SMEs has been a long-term priority for Sands China. We established a new signature event to help SMEs promote their offerings to the local community – the Sands Shopping Carnival. Begun in response to the pandemic’s impact, the carnival is now an annual event that provides Macao’s largest platform for retailers and SMEs to showcase their goods and services. The 2021 free-admission carnival attracted more than 110,000 visits in three days, an increase of 10 percent over last year, and featured shopping, activities and entertainment with more than 560 booths. In addition to the carnival, Sands China promotes business development for SMEs by hosting back-of-house roadshows at our properties to give vendors direct access approximately 27,000 team members. New features at the Sands Shopping Carnival in 2021 included a Green Lifestyle Zone for eco-friendly products and the Macau Original IP Zone, which promoted local creativity and entrepreneurship.

Promoting Stress Management

Sands China encourages work-life balance and time for family and personal relationships as a safeguard for the physical and mental health of team members. In 2021, the Company promoted a month-long stress management campaign that included self-evaluation, themed seminars, roadshows, free health consultations and recreational activities. More than 1,000 team members participated in the stress index survey, with 90 percent receiving a medium to low score. Sands China also launched a Family Health and Wellness series to strengthen family bonding, parent child communication and overall family health.