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1.The program is open for quotations from these 3 types of Macao local enterprises only: small and micro companies, "Made in Macao" companies, and Macao young entrepreneurs– especially those enterprises who haven’t registered before as a Sands China supplier. Please download the definition of these 3 types of enterprises HERE.

2.Please download the Local Supplier Support Program registration form(English versionChinese version).

3. For general queries on the Sands China Local Supplier Support Program or the supplier registration process, please contact Ms. Eva Wong(

4.ASands China Young Entrepreneur Advance Payment Programme is being created to help local young entrepreneurs who have limited financial capacity to run their business It targets Macao young entrepreneurs with a staff of 15 or below, providing them with a 30 per cent advance payment on purchase orders. For further information on application, please contact Ms. Eva Wong(

5.Sands China reserves the right to modify the purchase list based on actual business needs.


Sands China Local Supplier Support Program Purchase List